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And Speaking of Anthologies: Tales from the Ur-Bar

January 16, 2011 at 7:25 am

Last summer, I posted about my contribution to the upcoming anthology After Hours: Tales From the Ur-Bar.  Back then it seemed like the release date was forever in the future.  But it's less than two months away!  The Ur-Bar opens its doors on March 1. 

And to celebrate, our inteprid editors have been working like crazy to spread the word.  (Have I mentioned the personalized M&Ms at World Fantasy?)  Below the cut, lots of links and signing madness.

Tales from the Ur-Bar has a website here, and its own Facebook page here, and a Livejournal community page here.  (Yes.  This means that a book -- an inanimate object -- makes better use of social networking than I do.)

Check out the table of contents.  Sure, they let me into the anthology, but don't let that dissuade you.

And there will be signings and readings.  Oh, yes. Here's what's on tap* so far:

March 5th, 2-4 pm:  Signing at Barnes and Noble in Binghamton, NY

March 13th, 3pm:  Signing at Flights of Fantasy in Albany, NY

Weekend of March 18-20:  Release party at Lunacon!

[*See what I did there?  On tap?  Because it's an anthology about a bar, you see.  Where they have things on tap.... Oh, bah.  You'll get it on the way home.]



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