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And Then The Irony Meter Exploded

October 26, 2011 at 9:57 pm

I'm heading off to San Diego for the World Fantasy convention in the morning, so posting will probably continue to be light for a few more days.  And the posting might get even lighter, if I manage to succeed in the apparent effort to work myself dead. 

But enough about me.  This evening I came across a piece in the Mineeapolis Minneapolis Star-Tribune that very nearly broke my head.

Some years back, the local science museum in the Twin Cities moved from its longtime digs to a fancy spot right on the Mississippi river.  I have fond memories of the old building.  The site of the original Omnitheater, and the target of many, many elementary school field trips.  My favorite part of the science museum, not surprisingly, is the exploration gallery meant for children.  (Hey, if I play nice with others, why can't I learn along with the rest?)

The new site is gorgeous.  And I'm fond of it, too, in its own way.  I've only been there once, but it was where I saw the traveling Body World exhibit a few years back.  I'm proud of myself for not throwing up.  Also, the river location makes the Taconite River Barge Simulator that much more vivid.  (It's harder to pilot a barge filled with iron ore than you might think.  At least according to the simulator.) 

But I guess the old site had been sitting empty for a while.  So who took over the place?  Who moved in to the former science museum?

According to this article in the Strib, it's The Church of Scientology.

And that sound you heard is my brain exploding.


Colonel Panik October 27, 2011 at 6:33 pm
Being from WI and having spent much time in MN and MI and SD/ND when those were all known as great places for education and workers rights, I want to know let the clowns in? Just because I left did not mean there was a vacuum to fill. Every fall my grandfather would get a permit and go hunting Republicans. Always got his limit too. We were good citizens, took care of each other. Then they tried to bring back the death penalty in WI. Wisconsonites do NOT kill each other, unless you make a noise like a deer or wear the wrong jersey to a sporting event. Scientology in MN? Think of the money the state can raise if they have an open season. Peace, Bob
Steve Halter October 28, 2011 at 8:21 am
The irony of that is so mind blowing I think I'll choose to believe it didn't really happen. Nope, can't see it so it must not exist. We went to the King Tut exhibit at the new Science museum. Very cool. I hadn't realized the mask (and burial) of Psusennes I had been recovered (in 1940). Poor old Psusennes didn't get nearly the press that Tut did.
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