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Chronicle of Sorrows (3)

March 29, 2010 at 3:23 pm

The first hint request has arrived! 

But, in the course of composing a suitably cryptic reply, I realized there's another technical suggestion that might make your life easier, if you're playing along.

In addition to the flash issue, which I mentioned here, it's really useful if you have your browser set to accept cookies from  This is solely so that the game can track your progress—nothing else.  (I can't be more specific without spoiling things for people who have just started playing.)

The cookies are used only for the game.  We never look at them.  If you have your browser set to delete all cookies at the end of a session (as I do), then you'll have to retrace your steps each time you play.  (That's what I did when we were beta-testing the game.  So I've played it through, from beginning to end, more than once.)  But if you remember what you've already done, recovering your work is very easy.  Promise.

Good luck!



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