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Hometown Reader Photo

April 15, 2010 at 10:03 pm

My friend Kristie, whom I've known since about 1987, just sent an iPhone photo of Bitter Seeds lurking in the wilds of Roseville, Minnesota.  This hometown photo means a lot to me, because I used to spend a lot of time at this particular Barnes & Noble back when I was a graduate student living in the Twin Cities.

Back then, I was one of a couple dozen punks who came to play chess in the cafe on Wednesday nights.  I gave up on the chess nights after about a year in order to better concentrate on my studies.  In the end, and in hindsight, I see that it wouldn't have made much of a difference in my graduation date.   All it really achieved was to deprive myself of an activity I greatly enjoyed.

Same with writing, as a matter of fact.  I didn't let myself start writing until I finished graduate school.  But that's a long story and I'll tell it some other time, because here's Kristie's photo:


I do believe I see David Louis Edelman's Geosynchron in that photo, as well as Robert Sawyer's WWW: Watch.  Certainly can't complain about the company my book is keeping.  Glad it's not lonely.

A grateful tip of the cranial electrodes to Kristie Strum.  Thanks, Kristie!


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