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In Which I Speak of More Lists, And Then Feel Badly About It

December 31, 2010 at 10:27 am

Gosh, this is a nice way to round out the year. 

The venerable Pat of Hotlist fame has posted his year-end Hottie awards.  (That's a play on the blog name, you see, not a reference to attractiveness.  Though I'm sure my trademark "just woke up in a damp haystack" look would win big.)  He calls Bitter Seeds "the crème de la crème of SFF debuts" this year, and also had some nice words for the author.  I'm extremely honored.

Meanwhile, the Yeti Stomper has posted his 2010 recommended reading listBitter Seeds is included among the four novels he recommends.  Hooray!

I have to confess that I sometimes feel a little guilty posting stuff like this to my blog.  

I'm not naturally inclined to talk about myself or toot my own horn.  (No, really.  If you knew me in real life you'd know this for truth.)  Which makes it hard to maintain a blog, obviously.  Anybody who stops by to see what I have to say should get something interesting or amusing, rather than more news about a book they've almost certainly already heard more than enough about.

On the other hand, my first novel came out this year and I want to enjoy it while I can—my writing career can only go downhill from here.   And posts like these are easy to do because they're quick, and they assuage some of the guilt I feel at not updating the blog more regularly.  Some content is better than none.  I hope.  (Have I mentioned that I'm hilariously lazy?)

Which is all my way of saying "thanks for bearing with me".

Now, then.  In much more important news, I finally finished Mass Effect this week.  Yes, that's Mass Effect 1.  And yeah, I know I'm several years behind the times (nothing new there).  But, hey, I'm still happy to have made it to the end, given that I started last spring, and played an average of one afternoon every 4 weeks since then.

If only I could get my ME1 character to import into ME2.  Anybody know what causes ME2 to not see ME1 saves?


Brit Mandelo December 31, 2010 at 7:50 pm
Joy for Mass Effect! ME2 is even more well-written. (Also, it is totally acceptable to link when people love your book on the internet. Totally, totally acceptable.)
Ian December 31, 2010 at 9:27 pm
Thanks, Brit! I really enjoyed Mass Effect, and I'm having a blast with ME2 so far. I'm impressed with it. I just wish I could import my original character-- the guy I made for ME2 isn't squinty and ugly enough. And I hate that choices I made in ME1 are getting ignored. Happy New Year!
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