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Moving to Big Iron

February 1, 2009 at 4:42 am

We've migrated the site to a new server today.  Since I've just recently moved house, it seemed like the logical time to move my website, too.  Well, that and the fact that Richard just installed a gigantic piece of hardware in his basement.    Not to mention the fact that he said, "Hey, I just installed a gigantic piece of hardware in my basement.  Wanna migrate your site over here?"

I do like the thought of being on a first-name basis with tech support.

So far, the move appears to be going smoothly.  The stats, as of this writing:

  • Fires: 0
  • Mass deletions of database entries: 0
  • Minor deletions of database entries: 0
  • Pneumatic tubes clogged with lemur hair: 3
  • Lost passwords: 0
  • Pad thai spilled on laptop while testing email notifications: a little bit

Richard assures me the lemur thing is normal.

If you happen to notice strange behavior, please send a note to ian (at)   (Strange behavior on this site, I mean.  Please don't send a detailed explanation of what the weird guy on the bus is doing.  I ride the bus every day; I get enough of that first-hand.)



basement lemur February 1, 2009 at 5:05 am
wE weRe TEsTINg the TUbez. THey arE fiNe. pAY NO atTenTion to The Lmeurs.
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