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Odds, Ends, A Few Moose, An Interview, And Superpowers

January 8, 2013 at 9:05 pm

I just saw this on my Twitter feed, via @doctorow: on-board video of a quadcopter buzzing a Norwegian moose.  Let's all reflect on that for a moment: there was a moose, in the woods, and it was buzzed by a remote-controlled quadcopter.  This is the modern world, people.  It's like something out of a Charlie Stross novel.

This next thing doesn't involve a moose, but I'll mention it anyway.  My friend Emily Mah recently posted an audio recording of an interview we did for Black Gate this past summer.  Emily and I were in the same writing critique group for several years before she and her family moved to a foreign country.  It was a fun interview, even if she spilled the beans about the greatest writing project in the history of literature: Vlad Jetpack.

This next thing also doesn't involve a moose, but it's still pretty cool that Iceberg Ink enjoyed The Coldest War quite a bit.  And, following up on my previous post, Pat of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist has released his list of Hottie Awards.  Hooray!

And finally (and also not moose-related), Richard from GiantSizeGeek brought this to my attention: a DIY transcranial direct current stimulation kit.  That makes the SECOND consumer tDCS rig I've seen in the past year.  (I've posted about tDCS a few times, and even mentioned this on the Orbit blog this summer.)

I realize I might have overhyped this blog post when I said it contained a few moose.  I don't want to get bogged down in semantics, but that was, in a technical sense, a "lie."


Steve Halter January 9, 2013 at 10:58 am
That was a good interview with Emily and hopefully you and Melinda are working on the screenplay(s) for Vlad Jetpack right this moment. Since 1 Hobbit = 3 long movies, 27 Vlad Jetpack novels should equal a nice 81 piece movie serial run. 81 is nice because we can divide it into three major arcs, each of 27 full length films. This gives plenty of room for the gorgeous scenic views and intricate dialogue and to cover the odd bits that are cryptically mentioned in the text and about which fans have speculated oh so much. (You know, like that mention of the brownish cat in book 7). The world does seem to be converging to Charles Stross novels. If I just connect my tDCS with my Necromantic Rigster v3.2, I wonder just what will happen... And, I am fully pleased that The Coldest War is getting such nice notice.
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