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Taos Toolbox

January 8, 2010 at 11:04 pm

My friend and mentor Walter Jon Williams runs a 2-week "graduate level" writing workshop in the stunningly beautiful Taos Ski Valley.

Taos Toolbox is geared for science fiction and fantasy writers who already have a firm grasp of the basics — folks who've already been to workshops like the Clarions or Odyssey, or who have perhaps sold a couple of stories but are having trouble breaking through to the next level.  It's also aimed at novel-length fiction, unlike most other workshops.

If this sounds like it might be for you,  I highly, highly, highly recommend jumping at any opportunity to workshop with Walter.  I've been workshopping in one form or another pretty much constantly for most of a decade, and I can tell you that Walter is one of the best. 

If this sounds like it might be for you, keep reading.  Below the cut, I list five six reasons why you should apply to Taos Toolbox today.

1) Walter Jon Williams isn't enough for you?  How about Nancy Kress and Carrie Vaughn?

2) Hot tubs.

3) Hiking through honest-to-goodness mountain meadows.  Aspens!  Icy streams!  Bears!  Waterfalls!

4) Walter is one hell of a cook.  Seriously.  He's like the Iron Chef of the science fiction world.

5) You will be a better writer at the end of those two weeks.  Not just in your understanding of craft, but also in your understanding of the business of writing. 

6) If it's anything like other workshops I've attended with Walter in Taos, there might be a margarita night.  Just sayin'.



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