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Two Awesome Books Available Today

April 28, 2009 at 6:07 pm

I'm still recovering from a bout of flu (possibly avian and/or swine), which has delayed a real-soon-now blog post about my recent trip to the Williamson Lectureship in Portales, NM. 


More importantly, today -- April 28, 2009 -- is an auspicious day for book lovers.  Not one but two wonderful books are available for your enjoyment:   C. C. Finlay's novel The Patriot Witch, and S. C. Butler's novel The Magicians' Daughter, both debut today.

I've mentioned Charlie's novel before, because it has been available as a free PDF from his website for a while.  If you've already read an electronic copy of The Patriot Witch and loved it, or if you haven't gotten around to it yet, this is your chance to get a copy that's much better for reading in the bathtub.  The Patriot Witch is the first novel in the new Traitor to the Crown series, the second and third volumes of which will be coming out in May and June.  That means practically no waiting to see what happens next after you devour The Patriot Witch.  I had the pleasure of reading an excerpt from this novel at Blue Heaven two summers ago-- I can say with confidence that it will rock your socks.

But that's not all.  Not by a long shot!  Because the grand finale of S. C. Butler's Stoneways Trilogy, The Magicians' Daughter, is also available today.  (Note how carefully Sam uses apostrophes.   His attention to detail isn't limited to the title, let me tell you.)  I had the distinct honor of reading this novel in manuscript (along with its prequel, Queen Ferris) and it blew me away.  It's a stunning finale to the Stoneways Trilogy (which began in the magnificent Reiffen's Choice and continued with the amazing Queen Ferris).   These books are destined to become classics. 

Go forth and enjoy!




Melinda April 29, 2009 at 6:10 pm
I can add my endorsement of The Magicians' Daughter, and let's not forget S.L. Farrel's sequel to The Magic of Twilight -- A Magic of Nightfall. These are both terrific fantasies. I can't speak about Patriot Witch, but I'll hope to rectify that soon.
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