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Where We Talk of Hats

May 6, 2010 at 11:34 pm

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by The Mad Hatter recently.  (Not the Mad Hatter, but another haberdasher with a passing acquaintance with madness.  Or, at least, science fiction.)  The full interview is now online here, along with a new review of Bitter Seeds.

Patrick, who stomps Yetis when he isn't getting married and going on fabulous honeymoon trips, has taken a look at Bitter Seeds, and reports about it here.  (He seems to think that getting married and going on his honeymoon somehow excuses him from finishing the novel.  The nerve of some people, I tell you...)

And the King of the Nerds has weighed in, too, here and here.  Who am I to disagree with His Majesty?




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