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MileHiCon 45!

October 17, 2013 at 7:25 pm

MileHiCon!  It's here!  And so am I.

I would imagine that anybody planning to attend MHC already has a convention schedule, or will very soon.  So posting my schedule here is somewhat superfluous.  But what the hell.  I might as well go for two blog posts in a week.

I admit I'm feeling a little nervous about this toastmaster gig.  I hope I do a satisfactory job for the convention.  True, I didn't run Bubonicon into the ground when I TM'd that convention a few years ago.  But that was a local crowd and they all know me (and my quirks).  I come to MHC whenever I can, but I'm not quite a regular.  So I'll just have to do my best and hope I don't alienate, well, everybody. 

Especially since the concom has already been incredibly kind and generous to me already, and we haven't even started. 

(An additional plus: I haven't found a single green M&M in my hotel room, which spared us all the embarrassment of me having to trash the joint.  You know, on the principal of it.  But if I discover these pillows are less than 34% or more than 46% goose down SO HELP ME GOD.)

The festivities get underway tomorrow afternoon and run through Sunday evening. 

Friday, October 18

3:00pm - Are Writing Workshops Worth It?
(M. Rotundo (M), T. Hutcheson, S. Chamber, J. Heller, Me)

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I'll be coming down on the hell yes side of this debate.  If there is a debate.  Maybe we'll trade workshop anecdotes.

6:00pm - An Hour With Ian Tregillis

I'm no William Shatner, but I'll try to be sufficiently entertaining.  I'll read a bit from Something More Than Night, then maybe do some Q&A.  Whatever the people want.  Assuming there are people to want anything in the first place.  Otherwise, I'll take a nap.

7:15pm - Opening Ceremonies: Welcome to Faerie
Writer Guests of Honor: Seanan McGuire, Catherynne Valente
Artist Guest of Honor: Aaron Miller
Toastmaster: Me

You guys, take a look at that list of guests.  This is a seriously high-powered convention.

8:00pm - Autograph Alley / MHC Meet, Munch, and Mingle
(Approximately 400 writers, and me.)

Get ALL THE THINGS signed.

Saturday, October 19

9:00am - MHC Kaffeeklatcsh
(C. Berg, D. Boop, AK Davis, Jeanne Stein, C. Vaughn, Me)

If anybody wants to chat with me, they're more than welcome.  Be aware that I will be eating breakfast and possibly having my first coffee of the day.  I will try not to talk with my mouth full of food, though.  (No promises.)

9:30 - 11:00am - SFWA Meeting

I'll try to make it to this if I can.

11:00am - Signing
(Connie Willis, Me)

That's right.  I'll be signing with SFWA Grandmaster Connie Willis.  Connie More Hugos and More Nebulas Than Any Other Writer Ever Willis.  So it's possible, and I'm just going out on a limb here, it's possible that one line will be a little shorter than the other.  But I that means I can run errands for her while she's busy!

7:30pm - Masquerade
(Judges: Gwynne Cox, Michael Sopiwnik, Me)

I will be fair and impartial.  Like King Solomon, except not as wise and possibly confronted with more gears and facepaint. 

I'm also donating a complete signed set of Milkweed books to the literacy auction, which will be held during the judging!

Sunday, October 20

11:00am - GoH Remarks & Awards
(S. McGuire, A. Miller, C. Valente, Me)

This is where either I earn my keep or MHC chases me out of the building with pitchforks. 

~12:30pm - Post Remark Autographing
(S. McGuire, C. Valente, Me)

I'll stick around in case anybody needs anything, but really this is for Seanan and Cat!

1:00pm - Write On!
(J. Van Pelt (M), S. McGuire, J. Stein, R. Vardeman, Me)

5:00pm - Closing Ceremonies: Back to the Human World
(S. McGuire, A. Miller, C. Valente, Me)

One last chance to earn my keep.


Andrew Healy October 27, 2013 at 4:14 pm

I hope that you had a good time.  I always enjoy hearing about other conventions whilst simultaneously damning the fact that I cannot got to more of them than I do.  Do you perchance happen to have any idea at all whether you will be able to, or want to, attend Boskone in February? 

Ian October 27, 2013 at 5:28 pm

I'm certainly hoping to make it to Boskone this coming year!  I've purchased a membership, so barring schedule conflicts in the other parts of my life, I plan to be there.  I like Boskone quite a bit, and was sorry to have missed it last year (er, this year, I guess).

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