A Hardboiled Slang Glossary for Something More Than Night

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[see also: A Timeline of Slang Terms for Sexual Intercourse]

lay: screw; make love to; fuck

"It's because he's a no-good son of a bitch who thinks it is smart to lay his friends' wives and brag about it." (TLL, p13)

roll in the hay: sex; a quickie; an assignation

It might have been a hotel room rented for a meeting or a farewell, for a few drinks and a talk, for a roll in the hay. It didn't look like a place where anyone lived. (TLG, p7)

hot pants: randiness; horniness

"It's obvious what's eating him. An old-fashioned case of hot pants." (TLG, p273)

"If she ever got hot pants, it wasn't for her husband." (TLG, p324)

make [it with] (him | her): screw; lay; have sex with

"Damn near made her yourself, didn't you?" (TLG, p323)

shack up (with): have a tryst (as a secret dalliance, etc.)

"They can drop the arm on you for shacking up in a hotel in this town." (PB, p38)

roundheels: easy woman; slut

"But little roundheels over there ain't even that." (TLL, p41-2)

happy ladies: prostitutes; easy women

There would be a few happy ladies in any apartment house. (TLL, p202.)

joy girl: hooker; prostitute; hired companion

I knew a good deal about Idle Valley, and I knew it had changed a great deal since the days when they had the gatehouse at the entrance and the private police force, and the gambling casino on the lake, and the fifty-dollar joy girls. (TLG, p98)

pick-up: an escort, as one who would pick up men in a bar; hooker; prostitute;

But she didn't look like a pickup and there was no trace of come-on in her voice. (TLG, p161)

sleepy-time girl: hooker; prostitute; possible connotation of girlfriend, however

"On account of some lacquered chippie said we used loaded dice. Seems like the bim was one of his sleepy-time girls." (TLG, p346)

joy house: bordello; cat house; etc.

"Try looking for the girl," I said. "Velma. Malloy will be looking for her. That's what started it all. Try Velma." "You try her," Nulty said. "I ain't been in a joy house in twenty years." (FML, 19)

streetwalkers: prostitutes

A couple of frayed lamps with once gaudy shades that were now as gay as superannuated streetwalkers. (FML, p27)

lady of the night: prostitute

There were men from mines and smelters still in their working clothes, gaudy boys from pool rooms and dance halls, sleek men with slick pale faces, men with the dull look of respectable husbands, a few just as respectable and dull women, and a few ladies of the night. (RH, p6)

(get or have) a piece (of somebody): to date / make out with / sleep with

"Cute," he said. "Cute enough. I could of used a piece of that once. Haw, haw." (FML, p39)

browse: make out; kiss; chew; etc.

She fell softly across my lap and I bent down over her face and began to browse on it. (FML, p135)

chew (someone else's) face: kiss; neck; connotation of heavy kissing, possibly unwanted advance

He pulled harder and pushed his flushed face down on hers. She struggled but he was too strong for her. He chewed her face some more. (PB, p46)

The three couples began to chew each other's faces as soon as we left the shore. (FML, p242)

neck: (neck) make out

"Whatcha go up on the hill for?" "I thought maybe we could neck. She wasn't in the mood." (PB, p93)

fumble: neck with; grope; feel up (connotation of heavy petting)

"Cut the doodads and get back to Mitchell," he said briskly. "And to the dish you was trying to fumble up on the hill." (PB, p96)

mash / mash (lips) in: kiss; make out; grope; neck

Except for the shape, she really wasn't any raving beauty, but she had a sulky look to her, and her lips stuck out in a way that made me want to mash them in for her. (PRT, p4)

I took her in my arms and mashed my mouth up against hers. . . . "Bite me! Bite me!" (PRT, p11)

party: (party) private get-together, with connotation of sex

"Then two years of guys pinching your leg and leaving nickel tips and asking how about a little party tonight. I went on some of them parties, Frank." (PRT, p15)

chin: flirt(?); talk to, or perhaps chuck one's chin, with connotation of flirting?

The cop was halfway down the hall, chinning a nurse. (PRT, p55)

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